Every club member gets the opportunity to attend an umpiring course organised by England Netball. There are some of these courses locally either as weekend courses or at Basingstoke and or Farnborough during the summer league. The club has found the one off weekend course as a good intro to umpiring and practise can be continued at BUGs practise or by attending the summer league.

We are lucky enough to have a few umpires but always looking out for more.  C grade umpires include Sammi Parratt, Emma Lucas and Sam Archibald.  Working towards their C award are Eleanor Sherrin and Louise Hill, we are always encouraging players to take up umpiring.

The set up for this year was;

  • Through June/July first year trainees to umpire Monday at Basingstoke 7.00-8.00 pm or at Farnborough Wednesday 7.30-8.30/8.30-9.30 pm. Here you are supported by a tutor who will guide you and explain your progression. During this every umpire will be assessed as to in what leagues they can umpire during the winter months. A list will be produced by the umpiring secretary and will be posted out to clubs. In most cases it will mean you will need a tutor if you are asked to umpire during the winter months to help support you and continue your development towards your test. This tutor will need paying, which can usually be done by the team you are umpiring on behalf of so please sort his out.

Umpires who have given the commitment to carrying on umpiring through the winter months on a weekly basis have achieved great success. We understand that this commitment involves asking parents for help with transport etc. Once you are a qualified C grade umpire you can ask teams for a fee of between £10-£15 possibly even more and for tournaments upwards of £25 again depending on how many games you umpire and how long the tournament is. Each league does have their own guideline for umpiring costs but I can assure you when someone is desperate you can ask for the top amounts. From a club point of view we have paid £20 for an umpire to umpire at Basingstoke after being let down by an umpire…

You can begin your umpiring when judged to be competent with a whistle and understand the rules of the game. You cannot take your C grade test until you are 14.


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